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I remember the moment when I realized I needed to make a change.

I had just given birth to my daughter and realized that the life I knew…the life I dreamed about had crumbled before my very eyes. I had given my ALL to a relationship that left me broken, betrayed, abandoned and alone to raise my newborn and young son. Left with nothing, I was forced to re-build my life from scratch.

A Shout Out to All the Single Moms!

Being a single mom was nothing new to me. I had been one before my short and bittersweet “detour that ended in divorce" and I knew I could do it again, but this time was going to be different. I wasn’t willing to go back to working crazy hours for lil pay and having next to no time with my children... let alone the time & money and energy to pursue the big dreams I had buried deep within my heart.

I determined to find a way to stay home & earn a living that could support my family and my dreams....and I DID….eventually.

My entrepreneurial journey began in the Fall of 2005…I won’t bore you with the details but know this:

I have learnt a TON along the way. I have tried my hand at just about everything from eBay to traditional business and all the work from home “opportunities" in between. I’ve sifted through the scams and learned the hard way... what works and what doesn’t.

A Shout out to all the Married Stay-At-Home Mom’s

In the midst of my journey, I ended up getting married (to the love of my life) and found myself in a very different position. I finally had the time freedom with my children that I always wanted. BUT we had little time together as a family and my husbands health was deteriorating quickly as a result of his work. On top of that we still could not fully pursue our dreams because dreams take money and like most families, ours was limited.

I believe we were designed to Thrive not just merely Survive. I believe you have a unique purpose that you were created to fulfill and you can’t do it when you are stuck in the vicious cycle of making ends meet.

Survive to Thrive

Time. Money. Health.

For me, achieving my God-Given dreams always seemed to always come down to a lack of one of these three. When I had health... I had no time and money. When I had money....I had no time and my health began to suffer. When I had time... I could focus on getting healthy but I had no money.

As a Mom...have you ever felt held back by Time, Money or Health?

So it was at that time of being a newly wed stay-at-home mom that I…actually my husband, came across someone who would change our life forever. Her name was Patti. She was a single mom of 6 children that had been able to do exactly what I had been aspiring to do. All of her children are grown now and she had raised them all while making an impressive income from home, traveling and living a life of incredible purpose, integrity and "success" -- Success is different for everyone but there is no denying her sucess is incredible. She had figured out a way to take control of her time, money and health by Partnering herself with a company that aligned with the vision she had for her future. 

After learning about it's credibility how it had changed her life and I couldn’t think of a reason Not to partner with her.

It was the SOLUTION I had been searching for.  lIt's been nealry 10 year now and I am so grateful for all the positive differences it's made in my our life. I'll be honest, all my dreams haven't come true yet, I still have a ways to go but I have found the path and the vehichle to get me to where I want to go and that is exciting!

So What about you?

Is you life headed in the direction that you want it to go? Do you have the time money and health you need to go after your dreams and fufill you purpose? If not, you might wanna take a look.

I am currently looking for 2 mom's to partner with so if anything in my story has resonated with you watch this video and let's have a conversation to see if it's something that would be a good fit for you.


Donna Joy West