Live Well Mom
About Donna

Donna lives in Southern Ontario, Canada together with her husband and busy blended family of 4.She thrives on sunshine, coffee, dark chocolate, singing praise and worship, journaling and studying God's Word. She also enjoys ticking off to-do-lists, organizing, educating herself on things like holistic living, health & nutrition, relationships, business and personal development.

Donna has faced tremendous life challenge and shares her personal experiences in hopes of encouraging others going through similar circumstances.
Donna takes all that she’s learnt and creates programs and systems to help people increase their freedom and wellness required to live their dreams and fulfill their purpose.

Donna Joy


Donna is an official USANA Health Sciences Associate and is partnered with a Global Team of health & wellness entrepreneurs who have a passion for helping people find optimal health and lifestyle freedom.

Donna is also partnered with Anti-Gimmick Health — an official Independent Distributor of USANA Health Sciences who has been distributing USANA's products for over 10 years. They have a passion for helping people finding the right products to help them achieve their health goals. Anti-Gimmick Health has a goal to provide you the best customer service and the lowest possible prices.

USANA was founded in 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz, an Albert Einstein Award winning Scientist who made it his life mission to focus his expertise on targeting the root cause of degenerative disease, through researching, developing and manufacturing clean, high quality personalized nutritional supplements, foods and personal care products. USANA products have been featured monthly on the Dr. Oz Show since they became a Trusted Partner & Sponsor in 2015.